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  • Aanchal

    May 10, 2022 at 5:10 PM

    There are two opinion regarding goal of educations, some view that it should be used for the growth of society while others believe that education is primarily for fulfilling their dreams. From my viewpoint, it should used for uplifting our country and by working for people. This essay will discuss that both view points rationally and provide logically conclusion.

    There are people who strongly believe that academic teachings should be used for the betterment of people around us. Learning about moral values and ways of improving life of people, these ideas are the primary stepping stone of education. Firstly, lessons of spirituality, empathy, honesty taught during schools or colleges, make an adult valuable for future as it makes society a emotionally a better place. Secondly, it teaches humankind how they can make earth a better place to live by being mindful about consumption of plastics, maintaining proper hygiene, optimum use of resources etc. In order words, mentally strong and self-aware people make a better lives for others as they know importance of living in healthy environment, thus, all this is achievable by education.

    Others believe that qualification and degree are meant for acquiring our goals. It’s makes individual independent and lead a prosperous life is the only desire of humans . Education is emphasized upon children because it allows them make their own money without being dependent on government or parents. If they have a strong financial base then only they can think about other areas there life such as relationships, shelter, materialistic needs etc. For instance, Abraham theory of needs says if primary goals like food, money, clothes are fulfilled then only they will think about relationships, owning a house etc. That’s why education is path which leads to fulfills our desires.

    In nutshell, there are two set population one has a opinion that education is meant to live for others and others feel that its used to achieve our own ambitions. If we are born in society then it’s our duty to contribute to people, this is cost which everyone should pay and education is tool which allow it to happen.

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