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  • Pranav

    May 10, 2022 at 7:04 PM


    Teenagers should be trained on managing their finances to excel in life. Because they are naive and make purchases which may disturb their financial planning. If they are coached on money management skills they will make informed decisions and won’t get trapped in the debt burden.

    Students are trained on skills which are required to perform a particular job. Educating them on life skills will help them succeed in life. Indeed it’s not easy to learn this skill it requires years of practice. Business tycoons have always been recommending to save or to invest, undoubtedly this is the best encouragement anyone would get.

    Financial security gives a sense of accomplishment. All of us work day in and out to earn money but it is crucial to know how to save it. What’s the purpose of earning when the funds aren’t available during emergencies? During tough times money plays an important role in giving a helping hand to an individual.

    In conclusion, if students are exposed to monetary management and planning at an early stage they would understand the value of it. They would make analytical decisions based on past experiences. Education system today mostly focuses on a specific area of development of students but such skill training sessions will help them to understand the world outside better. Clearly it is important to make today’s youth understand the importance of financial planning.

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