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  • Kapil

    May 10, 2022 at 11:37 PM

    In this 21st century, businesses have expanded overnight in which consumers play vital role to make them success and nation promoted for make strong economy. It is considered by some people that small scale business could not compete to large scale, while there are others who think local commune will end soon if domestic trade could not take stand in this market. I partially agree with this argument. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss the reason with examples.

    First of all, government provides permission to launch new construction projects, open shopping centers and make trade on international level for progress the economy and nation, so it is high time for wholesale retailer to increase their sell and get wealthy profit, thereby number of investors have invested in this market. Firstly, they could provide items in cheap price with best quality to attract the buyers. Secondly, due to huge investment they afford to expansion so nowadays they also provide facilities to deliver the products on door. Finally, it also creates the vacancy for the many. For instance, wall mart is one the famous mall in the united nation which is provided best service to the users and huge number of jobs.

    At the other hand, due to expansion of mall, it impacts profoundly on the internal business, because most of the localize prefers to buy everything from the one place instead of the multiple shops, but still there exist a community of poor who could not afford the shopping plaza because they prefer to buy on credit instead of cash due to lack of regular income. For example, a plethora of small size business stopped due to decrease in the sell because majority of public going to city center to get enjoy the shopping experience.

    To conclude, I reckon, it is responsibility of everyone and government to balance bond between commune and local traders otherwise the poor person will not feed to their family.

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