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  • Sonam

    May 12, 2022 at 9:44 PM

    In today’s global era it is undebatable that digital access in the education world have opened multiple channels for common people to access more information making it easy for them to explore on any topic or segment. But somewhere I strongly believe that normal education system not only roots up the overall personality of a person at the same time curbs the sedentary lifestyle as well.

    As we all know, in traditional pedagogy interaction between students is more which in turn provides favorable environment to learn about other classmates. It not only encourages higher level of competence among students in fact the social environment that is created is perfect to built one’s character and personality. Better discipline and a sense of direction is what best served in regular teaching.

    At the same time, it has been seen that internet has provided mass outburst of information for common people. Students can work at their own pace which at many levels has helped them to do extensive research catering to more realistic examples available all over the net. Plus, students can study from any part of the world by simply using online platforms such as google classroom or zoom etc. if they have approach to computers & internet connection. However regardless to the above benefits, I still hold that regular schooling emphasis more on learning aspect and control the mobile way of living.

    In conclusion, admittedly electronic brains enlarge the center of information for Humans. On the other hand, I firmly stand with a viewpoint that education is not all about the subject knowledge but also about developing social and behavioral skills among students which strengthens over time.

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