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  • Kapil

    May 13, 2022 at 6:41 PM

    In modern society, it is argued that fast food has become popular in all nations which effects negatively on human’s diet and way of living. I completely agree with this statement and in the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall elaborate more on this in details.

    To begin with, nowadays due to tight schedule of persons, they don’t have much time to make food by themselves, so pre-cooked food is the best option for them, because it is more convenient than hand-made food. Moreover, sellers use number of ingredients to make it tasty which attracts more consumer to buy. For instance, Dominoes sell the variety of burgers in which they use catchup, salt, oil and human made ingredients for make it delicious, and buyers don’t have knowledge about the used materials how much safe for them.

    At the other hand, way of life of the people gets change rapidly which impact profoundly on the body, thereby group of humans have faced with lots of health issues. Community of science already declared the bad effects of these food in 2010, although society don’t take seriously to avoid major trouble for their health. i.e., as per the evidence by BBC, there are 70% persons suffer with cancer who totally depends on the fast-food, because they don’t have time to cook food or don’t have facilities for same.

    To conclude, the major result of eating fast-food is overweight and obesity which create a lot of troubles for mankind on their health. In my opinion, I reckon that the disadvantages outweigh advantages.

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