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  • Manveen

    May 17, 2022 at 10:11 AM

    People, these days, are struggling hard in order to provide a rich brought-up to their offspring. Some believe that fulfilling the child’s demands and agreeing upon everything asked by him is good, whereas I stand with the other half as all this could make the kid more demanding also he would not value things. Not only this, it could also have long-term deficits where a grown-up child could have behavioral issues and would also be inclined towards materialistic things.

    First and foremost, it is intuitively obvious that agreeing upon everything will make the kin adamant about his needs also he will show less or no importance towards the things. To put it in other words, once a child understands that the parent would show agreement over all his ethical or unethical demands, he starts forcing the guardian for every little thing and would never utilize it properly. For instance, numerous kids have been seen bored playing with newly bought toys because they know they would soon get another.

    Moreover, all this could show its after-effects even when the child gets into teenage or adolescence where he would not be social and disrespect every relationship. To add on, a person would not be able to adjust himself to a society where he has to accept many things. Additionally, he would not respect any relation. For example, recent news was heard where a son murdered his father only because he refused to get him his desired car.

    To conclude, after agglomerating the aforementioned writing it is clear that giving a yes to everything longed for by a child can surely make him stubborn in his demands, in addition, he would lose interest in the longing soon. All this could have un-ignorable results where an individual loses his interest in human relations and stays busy in his own philistine world.

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