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  • Sahil

    May 19, 2022 at 1:04 AM

    With the extravagant lifestyle, one experiences living in a large metro city, there are also challenges such as dealing with day-to-day traffic congestion and spending hours of your morning waiting to reach your destination. The population that a city attracts each year is one of the prominent causes of the traffic issues. There are also some reasonable solutions such as increasing remote work opportunities that can help remediate these causes.

    Every year, a large chunk of the population moves to a large city, in the hope of living a fast-paced lifestyle with access to all the major facilities, however, in most cases, these cities are not developed to deal with the increased migration demands and are often left with an old infrastructure resulting in cramped highways, crowed roads. This leads to one of the biggest problems that one faces in a city – traffic congestion. Career advancements, modern lifestyle, and educational institutions are some of the major reasons that pull people towards a major city. Additionally, it is no less than a dream for any grown adult to own their personal vehicle. However, this dream can be costly when it comes to living in a major city as a large population also means large vehicle consumption every day.

    While it may seem that there are no practical solutions to traffic issues, it might not always be the case. There are many plausible examples across the globe where major cities reduced their traffic issues significantly with innovative planning. For instance, London started offering toll incentives for vehicles that promote carpooling – carrying more than one passenger. A survey proved this approach to be efficient as the traffic was reduced by 30% in the first month of the implementation and showed that people definitely valued discounts on heavy toll prices. Another successful example was seen in San Francisco, US, where many companies offered permanent work-from-home opportunities during the pandemic. The by-product of this perk also proved to be efficient in reducing the traffic significantly.

    In conclusion, while the problems that arise from growing traffic in many major cities seem inevitable, there are also many practical approaches that when implemented with proper planning can definitely help overcome the issues. However, it is something that has to be thought upon carefully and planned according to the demands and needs specific to the city.

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