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  • Sugandha

    May 19, 2022 at 6:33 AM

    The use of Internet and technology in study field has increased manifold and it has led to controversial opinions , where some people consider it as beneficial ,while others laid emphasis on its negative impact. Though in this essay both sides will be discussed, In my opinion it has contributed towards positive development by providing vast access to knowledge.

    Undoubtedly ,the use of computers has not only made education convenient but it also aids in acquiring more in-depth knowledge because numerous websites provides concept clarification by using innovative techniques, for an instance, due to corona pandemic when everything came to halt, it was because of online platform that students were able to attend classes , furthermore they may read few books to grasp facts but with the help of internet they can master worldwide facts and that too as per their convenience sitting at home.

    People who oppose the use of technology in education ,claims that it gave birth to sedentary lifestyle owing to the fact that students get more prone to wastage of time in form of playing games and getting hands on unrated sites together with addictive videos.For example , parents often complain that their children spend majority of time in playing games and watching videos , although they bought these gadgets to help them in their studies.

    My viewpoint is that using computers in education is imperative especially in this age of technology and of course it should be encouraged however its unfavourable outcomes could be tackled by some efforts such as using child lock on apps or by installing only useful softwares and applications.

    To conclude, little efforts can help us to fetch the great benefits of advanced automation by making studies more interesting and knowledgeable.

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