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  • Ashley

    May 19, 2022 at 9:51 AM

    The above chart illustrates the percentage of goods sold in UK and France in the following year 2010 and the amount mentioned in the chart is in United Kingdom’s official currency which is pound sterling.

    Overall the people of UK and France mostly spend their money on cars followed by books, computers and cameras which is in the mid-range. Although the least on which people rarely spend is on perfumes.

    The people in UK almost invested 450000 sterling pounds on car which is the most highest in the charts followed by books at 400000 pounds, cameras and computers which matches the same around 350000 pounds, perfumes which shows the lowest is around 150000 pounds.

    Whereas the France shows the highest on cars which is around 400000 pounds, followed by computers around 370000 pounds, books on 300000 pounds, perfumes around 200000 pounds and the least one which people rarely invest on camera which is around 150000 pounds in the following year 2010.

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