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  • Kapil

    May 19, 2022 at 10:35 PM

    In this modern era, technology has been growing rapidly for decades, and it plays a major role in the life of human beings. There are merits and demerits to using it, hence in this present world, it creates trouble for the person which did not exist earlier. This essay will first suggest the biggest problems caused by this phenomenon are the hacking of personal information and loose concentration from the study and then argue that awareness about the security and limited use of the internet is the most viable solution.

    To begin with, the internet is the most important invention of humankind, but security breaches and easy accessibility are the most problems caused by it. Firstly, the information of a person is not secure anymore, because a group of people has looked for the stole amount from the bank, so they always try to get personal details as much as possible which they use to hack bank account. Secondly, the young generation can access the web easily through electronic gadgets because nowadays parents also prefer to keep updated with their children, but due to overuse of social networks and games, they become habitual to staying online late at night and could not concentrate on the study which directly effects on their career. For instance, in the last 5 years the depression cases increased on boom in the united states because adults spent an average of 7 hours on the world wide web and they are concerned about the likes of their pictures and post on social media so if it will not reach a certain level, they feel upset.

    On the other hand, a possible solution to reduce this problem would be the awareness among the users and defining limitations to using the internet. Firstly, Government should take necessary steps to make secure bank platforms and spread the awareness about the usability of networks between individuals, which is helpful to reduce the cases of cybercrime because nowadays if users get hacked, they don’t complain anywhere, so authorities don’t have the details about the cases so it is also the responsibility of the person to make cybercrime case to stop such an incident. Secondly, Parents should keep watch on their child to use the internet, and schools & colleges should band the mobile phone during the classes because most the students are busy with their gadgets for chatting and playing games. For example, Sweden become one of the gadget-free countries in the world where they use an average of 1 hour’s internet per local because individuals and authorities had taken the steps together to stop the use of the web.

    To conclude, the Internet is a giant in the world which makes it easy life for people at the same time it creates a lot of troubles such as personal details breaches and interruption in education, but possible solutions could be limited use and awareness about the security of the web.

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