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  • Abhay

    May 20, 2022 at 3:53 AM

    Traffic gridlock is one of the major issues faced by the developed cities. A multitude of factors, such as under-constructed routes and the rise of number of automobiles on the roads, contribute to this phenomenon. This essay will suggest that there are certain adaptable solutions which can mitigate this issue, if not eradicate completely.

    Because of a large number of populace is attracted to metropolitan cities in search of livelihood every year, there is a sharp increase in the number of vehicles driven. As the cosmopolitan cities have humongous distances to cover, people prefer to travel in their personal conveyance. On top of this, poorly constructed and damaged roadways slows down the traffic flow, thereby creating bottlenecks at the intersections. For example, Los Angeles, one of the majorly developed cities in California, is considered to have the worst traffic in the entire United States because of the increasing population and ever going constructions.

    While the problems are real, there are some uncomplicated methods, if adopted, can reduce the impact of the issue. Major corporations have allowed their employees to work remotely from the comforts of their home, which has resulted in slight reduction of traffic. With other companies adopting this policy, this effect can be compounded resulting in opening up of streets for a free flow of traffic. Furthermore, an upgraded infrastructure, like filling up the potholes and increasing the number of smooth lanes will allow the motor vehicles to run without slowing down. For example, Las Vegas, in the United States has seen a large number of people migrating. To tackle the increasing traffic, additional lanes has been added on freeways for smoother traffic flow.

    To conclude, even though manifold reasons contribute towards traffic jams in urban areas such as migration of humans is search of a better life and unmanaged infrastructure, certain steps taken by corporations and government such as remote work for employees improving the infrastructure of the city can alleviate the problems.

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