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  • Pratik

    May 21, 2022 at 5:18 AM

    Traffic Congestion Is A Biggest Problem In Metropolitan Cities, Even through Having A proper Infrastructure People This Days Prefer To Travel In There own comfort. In this essay We would discuss About The Traffic Jams Due to Private vehicles Owned By Citizens And How to Resolve This Error With Proper Traffic Guidelines, Just Like The Capital City Delhi Has Provided For there Citizen To Follow Odd and Even Law For The Cars Which Did Reduce The traffic On Roads. People should Access More Public Transports For there daily Rides Instead Of Automobile.

    As A concern, Governments Should Create Better roads For Major City’s ,With Monorails, Metro’s With More routing Destination’s. They Should Have A Proper Traffic Rules For certain Part of Places Including Shopping Malls And market area With Proper Parking System . Traffic Police Officers Should Be There on The busy Paths To Help Congested Traffic to Move Further. Sometimes We Have To Be stuck On Highways For Hours Just For, Heavy Trucks Which Are Not Allow To carry More Then Some Weight Due to Which A-lot Of Incidents Take Place. There Should be Patrolling Cop Cars On Highways To Stop Such Acts.

    Therefore, Authority’s Can Make A major Role To Such Traffic Congestions By Devloping Some Rules And Regulations To Be Followed By Each Individaul In Day To Day Life, Providing More Public Transports To Work Sector’s With Low-End Price Tag. In such Case Townsman Can Afford The Price With No Traffic Blockage And Would Reach There Destination On Time

    To conclude, As The Road Jams May Get More In Future As We Are Growing In Population. Governments Should Have A Congress To Stop Perevent Such Road Blocks For Better Trancit Through Out The nation.

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