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  • Pratik

    May 27, 2022 at 3:54 AM
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    Dear Sir/madam

    I’m Writting This letter To you, for returning The comics book I borrowed, which I forgot to return on Time.

    long time ago I took one comics book From Your Personal Bookshelf. The name of the book was ( The Batman Dark Night Rises) Which was black in Colour. It was one of the book I always wanted to put my eyes on, But I was not able to, until I found it in your bookshelf. I was super exicted To Put my hands on this book, And I love reading it And enjoyed A-lot. thanks To you

    This Comics books was very gripping From The start. I loved All The Characters ,all through Bruse wayne Was My Favourite And the way his Part has fit in with his Personality, I was stunned. It was Really helpful For me To Known Such A person, Even Though he was rich and was born with golden spoon In his mouth, Still he helped a-lot Of peoples around him. which showcase that No matter How Big You are, Always Help The people. He helped people with Both side of his life, As a normal Human , And as a Crime Dectective Which Brings his Other side of Batman. This was a amazing Time for Me, Yet I’m not Fulfill With This Kind of books, But I’ll look For to Order New Series.

    I Have been shifted to New location, Hence its not Possible For me To come and give this book to you in person, Yet i would Send You This Book by a Mail. Because It has been Long Time It was With me, And I hope It would be okay For You to accept It. I do believe You stay At the same address, And It has been A long Time I haven’t Came To visit, So I’ll Even Like To take a Appiontment For my Vist During My week-off Which would be On 9th of June, And I would Like To Gift You Some New Volume.

    I Look Forward To See you.

    Yours Sincerely,


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