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  • Krithiga

    May 28, 2022 at 10:49 AM

    In this contemporary era, visitors and researchers are being permitted to explore remote natural places. This essay will primarily focus on exploring new places and linguistic cultures as the main advantage followed by an investigation of the lack of infrastructure and security threats for performing thesis and research as disadvantages. However, in my view, without discoveries, we cannot achieve new inventions in order to have a well-established ecological space in future.

    To begin with, exploring distinct and new places may seem to be exciting and adventurous. Visiting unknown places may give you a different experience with everlasting memories compared to the exposure which you gain by visiting common places. Moreover, traversing the distinct and remote areas would pave the ways to unwrap new cultures from people of diverse communities. Secondly, scientists get to know many unknown things, which helps in developing new theories, products, and so on. To cite an example, an empirical study conducted by Oxford University reveals that 90% of boffins get new ideas when they travel to remote environments. Thus, travel to remote areas may bring numerous advantages.

    On the contrary, travelling to underdeveloped and far areas is too risky for humans, resulting in unexpected deaths. The main reason is due to lack of proper communication facilities, poor infrastructure, extreme weather conditions etc. Thus, if individuals had to lose their lives because of enjoyment, this type of travelling should not be encouraged. Also, researchers should enquire about the visiting places well in advance as it might involve security risks such as terrorist attacks, robbery etc. Furthermore, there are chances of boffins getting kidnapped from such places if they are performing confidential research pertaining to the country’s futuristic growth plan and its economic trade deals. For instance, in a recent article, a scientist from China who submitted his research papers on providing a permanent solution for COVID-19 had been kidnapped and his traces are yet unknown.

    In conclusion, no gain is without costs. Similarly, the advantages of travel to remote areas come at a price. However, when delved into both pros and cons, the benefits to humanity to be attained are too great when compared to the risks involved.

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