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  • Kapil

    May 28, 2022 at 10:30 PM

    In this modern era, technology and science have grown rapidly, so it makes easy for human beings to transit in any country of the world, and many the parents looking forward to this option for their children to get abroad education, which gives opportunities to explore on the international level and learn a new culture, but sometimes due to lack of proper monitoring children chooses the wrong way. This essay will examine the merits and demerits of the abroad study and provide a logical conclusion.

    The two main advantages of studying in foreign are getting a global platform and living a high standard lifestyle. Firstly, while studying outside of the home country person get knowledge of the various cultures because it becomes possible to have face-to-face interaction with a number of people from a different continent. In addition, they can learn new languages, up-to-date knowledge of the field, and earn an international college/university degree which helps to open the door in the worldwide market. For instance, as per the evidence of the survey by the BBC in 2022, multination company hire the employees whose has degree from the outside. Secondly, individuals can earn a good salary, so they can live with a high level of living and be able to use expensive things.

    However, it has also some disadvantages as many children leave their parents forever and forget the ethics of family and society. Firstly, while studying alone outside, there are many challenges to face, so they have to make friends which sometimes leads to the wrong way such as if adults get some bad company, they had to adopt the culture due to peer pressure and many times they became addicted of drugs, thereby they break the relationship with their family to enjoy their own life. For example, in the United States 50% expat population is addicted to drugs and robbery who could not go back to their home country. Secondly, if people live far from society, they lose to take interest in the festivals and culture, so they forget the morality of the community.

    To conclude, although foreign education has certain disadvantages like children leaving the home forever and lack of knowledge of their own society, it has an extremely positive impact on the possibility to get explore on a global platform and live a premium quality lifestyle.

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