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  • isha

    May 31, 2022 at 1:18 PM

    Certain sections of society believe that commercials play a significant role to influence people to purchase things, whereas others argue that adverts become so often(common) that one can ignore them. This essay will elucidate both the views and establish my preferences.

    On the one hand, ads are gaining more audience attention day by day. First, it plays a vital role in helping customers choose the best product by providing adequate information. For instance, if a customer needs an item, such as salt with low sodium, he/she must know which brand sells this product, and without commercials, it’s very cumbersome to find such things in the market. Furthermore, there are many goods in the market that consumers use in their day to day life and they do not prefer to use any alternative for that, so if any of the product changes its brand name, packaging, or price, it will directly impact the customers. Therefore, ads become very useful to consumers to stay up to date about their favourite products.

    On the other hand, those who believe ads have become so common that watching them is a waste of time, is also believe they hold significance. Due to high competition between brands for the same commodity, ads are now everywhere, including television, radio, websites, social media, and newspapers. So, mostly people start avoiding them as sometimes it starts annoying them.

    For example, while watching a match, one can witness a single advertisement more than 50 times. Not only that, the same commercial is going to appear on various websites and social media platforms as well, so most people will start skipping to them. In addition to that, consumers have become smarter now. They do their own research before purchasing anything, instead of watching advertisements.

    To recapitulate, commercials are important for companies as well as for consumers to sell and purchase a product. However, in my opinion, due to the overflooding of ads, it becomes quite annoying, so people stop paying attention to them, especially when the commodity is not of their interest.


    Divide your task into 4 paragraphs.

    – Pay attention to grammar, like use of articles (a, the), subject verb agreement, and right choice of words.

    – Do not go off topic. For example, the first line in your conclusion. This essay is about ‘If advertisements influence us or not’. It’s not about the importance of advertisements.

    Band Score: -3.5/6

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