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  • Kapil

    June 2, 2022 at 2:54 PM

    In this modern era, the revolution in the science and technology fields have positive impacts on the tourism sector, thereby it is argued that English is becoming a well-known language that might be accepted as a primary spoken language in the future, but it has some merits and demerits which will be explaining in the forthcoming paragraphs with examples and sum up with a logical conclusion.

    The main two advantages of a common language are improvement in the relationship between the citizen of the continent, and people getting exposure to the global market. Firstly, the language is the biggest barrier between the nations, because a plethora of human prefers to speak in their local language which is more comfortable to explain their ideas, but if everyone has proficient to speak a single English language, it will break the barrier between the nation and they can deal with each other easiest way. For instance, if the Japanese are adapting the English language, then they can understand the Americans, and helping together for grow up the economy. Secondly, employees can work from any country, as presently due to lack of knowledge of local language person could not get a job in many countries. i.e., If a person wanted to work in Poland, then it is mandatory to speak and understand the polish language, otherwise, his job application is rejected by the employer.

    However, a single language has some major drawbacks as a culture might be extinct from the world. Ancestors defined many rules and regulations in their own local language, so if a person doesn’t have knowledge about it, festivals and culture might be disappeared from the world, therefore it is compulsory to have knowledge about the local language. For example, all the historical books were written in their own word which is not possible to acquire without knowing profoundly.

    To conclude, although one language has certain advantages like reducing the communication gaps and providing career opportunities on the international stage, it has also a negative impact on culture get extinction in the future.

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