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  • Mohammad Hafeez

    June 4, 2022 at 2:11 PM

    Whether Capital Punishment can make our live safe and secure have been a topic of discussion. In my opinion it is not right path to pursue, whereas it just leads to loss of life without giving a person to another chance. Life imprisonment can be right alternative for capital punishment.

    Executing a person to death never justifies a crime, Moreover these practices results in loss of lives along with crime. Criminals should be definitely sent to jail, however a chance should be given culprits by engaging to them through various programmes designed by psychologist and experts, so that they can understand consequences of their action to society. For instance in my town town a young lad made headline by committing murder, although he was jailed where he realized his crime and came out early of the jail by earning a law degree which gave him a new motivation towards life.

    On other hand, Converting capital punishment into life imprisonment can be a suitable decision in the eyes of humanity. This is evidenced that during Life imprisonment suspects are engaged into various works in the prison and even they can educate themselves by using libraries. By the large, instead of their death they can contribute by producing goods in workshops of Jail, which can benefit the society. As far I know, lots of workshops are there in most of the prison such as carpentry, welding, electrical e.t.c

    In conclusion, Culprits should be punished, however capital punishment are not the right justice. Various other paths can be adapted discussed by me in the essay, which will surely help to shackle the evilness in society.

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