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  • Abhay

    June 5, 2022 at 2:57 AM

    Society has different opinions on awarding death penalty. It is argued that capital punishment is a necessity for a more secure society. I believe, there is no doubt that awarding capital punishment is directly proportional to reduction of criminal activities and this essay will support the statement.

    For starters, heinous crimes are soaring in today’s world and capital punishment keeps the criminals and their notorious activities in check. According to a news article in New York times, every 2 minutes a girl is being raped and every 5 minutes someone is getting murdered around the world. It is clear that extreme punishment makes the community a safer place to live. Many countries of middle east such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai have adopted capital punishment for the evil crimes committed. Although this seems to be atrocious by some, it has significantly reduced the number of criminal occurrences since past two decades.

    Moreover, because of a threat on life, the motivation to continue living a life of an offender will diminish. For example, Think about a child who grew up in an environment with older delinquents. While he will think that it will be easy to get away with a crime, it will encourage him to rob someone or perhaps kill for survival. With a knowledge of consequences of the actions, it will deter the person from continuing living a life of a lawbreaker.

    To conclude, from the above passages it is comprehendible that death penalty is historically proven to be effective in alleviating capital offences and will continue to make the world a better and a safe place for humankind to exist.

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