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  • isha

    June 8, 2022 at 1:02 PM

    Recently, research has been conducted on prisoners who were released from prison after serving their sentence. It states that criminals are most likely to be involved in criminal activity after being released. This essay discusses the reasons behind the crimes of these prisoners and what measures can be taken to overcome them.

    The main problems are social stigma and a lack of proper rehabilitation. Social stigma is one of the major cause of the high recidivism rates. Once wrong doers are released from prison, they strive to get back into society. Society has started discriminating against them due to their past offences; furthermore, they are being disregarded as well. Offenders who are in distress are being forced to commit crimes again. While serving their sentence, prisoners lack the proper rehabilitation. Criminals are not being properly counselled to inculcate ethical behaviour and morality. Prison environment results in creating distress for the prisoners. Without proper counselling, their attempts to retaliate will increase progressively, and it will cause them to commit crimes again by confronting the enemy after being released.

    In my opinion, the best solution is to provide financial support in the initial stages. In addition to that, they need proper training and right opportunities to thrive in society. Prisoners are getting impoverished and it persuades them to get involved in illicit activities. So, they need proper financial support at early stages to survive in society until they find their livelihood. In this fast growing contemporary world, prisoners cannot compete with society if they lack skills. The government should assist them in finding right opportunities by insisting employers consider them irrespective of their pass offence.

    In conclusion, the main causes of high recidivism rates in prisoners are social stigma and lack of proper rehabilitation, which results in immorality. The most effective solution is to financially support them in the early stages and provide proper training to improve their virtues and skills.

    – Grammatical errors like right form of verbs with subject and writing words in upper or lower case as per the sentence.

    – Look for more synonyms.

    Bands – 3.5/6

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