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  • Shibin Siby

    June 9, 2022 at 7:42 PM

    Information technology facilitates the transfer of information which can be of any format. The influence of Information technology has grown to such an extent that penetration of these technologies has started impacting our homes , leisure and employment significantly. This essay would be a discussion on the pros and cons of Information Technology.

    The increased dependence on information technology utilities has affected human lifestyle. We have been over reliant on the modern gadgets and the easiness that comes with it. The long term impacts have made us susceptible to lifestyle diseases such as obesity. There is also the influence of big techs who have targeted different strata of the population to push ads or monetize their free to use technology. There is also the issue of rapid spread of misinformation which at its worst may cause mob violence. Although we could find all these demerits, the rewards outweigh the risks.

    Rapid growth in IT sector has boosted the appeal of service sectors. In an industrial perspective rapid development is taking place in key sectors such as automation, cloud and software services in general. This push has boosted productivity creating millions of jobs thus providing living means to a lot of people. These developments have also reflected in sectors such as defense, communication, media etc. Nowadays media is lot more accessible facilitating information and entertainment among the masses.

    From all these observation it could be summarized that influence of Information technology has a constructive impact on course of humanity. We should be utilizing these to full extent however throwing a cautious eye to the problems associated with it is recommended.

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