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  • abhishek

    June 10, 2022 at 1:21 PM

    Developed countries can attract a lot of talent across the globe, because of the multiple benefits they offer like competitive pay scale, work-life balance, higher quality of education and so on. This has led to a wave of emigration of skilled professionals like doctors and teachers in poor countries which has caused major problems like increased skill demand, expensive professional fees, rising inflation and decreased quality services. However, government intervention with reforms in policies of taxation, education, salary structure can help in retaining domestic talent.

    The foremost problems caused by lack of doctors and teachers in poor countries is that a lot of ailing people will be unattended and left for God’s grace.

    As doctors and teachers emigrate, prices of these professional services will soar, thus pushing the mass towards poverty and leading to increased lead time for poor countries to recover and progress on the path of development.

    Brazil, which is one of the largest hubs for graduate of doctors and teachers, had one doctor for 5000 citizen which is one of the lowest ratios. Professionals were requested from other countries to support them and ensure medical safety.

    However, possible solutions to these problems would be robust government policies and education reforms.

    Government policies like subsidizing income tax for certain professions, providing interest free loans to setup hospitals, schools in the country will help curb emigration.

    Also, providing higher education scholarships and job placements in domestic companies will help professionals stay in their birthplace.

    The United States is a perfect example on how to retain domestic talent. With policies like, minimum wage , compulsory domestic services and free education has helped build a good workforce.

    To conclude, professionals leaving poor countries for better prospects is a big concern as it can impact poor country’s economy through rising inflation and resource scarcity. These can be controlled through various government initiatives and education reforms.

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