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  • tisha

    June 10, 2022 at 3:17 PM

    Developed countries have become host to talented and meritorious professionals leaving behind

    shortage of skilled people in their own countries. However, certain steps can be taken by the Government

    to provide scholarships and better opportunities to encourage in-house employment.

    Firstly, lack of subject expertise workforce is seen due to migration patterns. Such poor or developing countries

    may lead to untrained future generation. One of the examples is in many cities of India ratio of teacher

    to student has become 1:100 today. Consequently, it also causes shortage of facilities like quality education and medicals

    in many cities. Secondly, as many skilled labor is moving to foreign nation for better opportunities,

    countries economy can take a big hit in coming future.

    However certain steps can be taken to mitigate the relocation of expert labors by providing sponsorships on higher

    qualifications for the outperforming people. Also such professionals can be encouraged by providing satisfactory

    wages. In addition, different governing bodies also can plan on imposing higher taxes or applying restriction on

    count of people emigrating every year. For example, Singapore country always prefers local resources over foreigners

    for any job openings and also impose heavy charges for allocating emigration work visas.

    In conclusion , in order to encourage different professionals like doctors, nurses, tutors, IT professionals to

    stick to their own origin country, government should create valued workplaces for them with good payment.

    Additionally learn from different countries to impose or modify emigration laws to reduce relocation of skilled

    labor to foreign locations and save the countries economy from drowning.

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