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  • sheena

    June 10, 2022 at 7:41 PM

    Information Technology has a huge impact on our daily lives and it has become almost impossible to lead a life without getting involved with technological trends. This essay will discuss the merits, demerits and justify the usage of the same.

    Undoubtedly, technological advancements have made human life better due to the convenience of getting any job done easily. In fact, nowadays shopping of groceries, clothing and electronic devices are under few clicks away at the comfort of home. Moreover, bill payments are much simpler than ever before and carrying money in hand is no longer a requirement in the digital world. Due to high connectivity capabilities, we are able to work from home, collaborate with team and ensures high productivity in long run. Indeed, remote working is a good choice for keeping work-life balance in our lives and many employers have found this mode of working cost-effective. Also, there are multiple platforms available to keep us entertained through movies, songs, sports and games.

    Nevertheless, there are multiple disadvantages due to the technological intervention in each and every activity we do. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, addiction of video games and social medias and lack of interpersonal communication are few demerits of this boom. This also affects us mentally, making us defocused and inattentive. Having said that, it is an individual’s choice to take advantage of the given opportunity or to misuse it. Of course, these demerits can be avoided by strict and careful usage of the technology.

    In conclusion, it is obvious that, even though there are multiple cons, it is inarguable that pros are bringing a lot more opportunities and convenience to human life. Engineers are working hard to make human life better, hence it is wise to take advantage of the situation rather than rejecting it.

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