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  • Mohammad Hafeez

    June 11, 2022 at 9:48 AM

    In today’s scenario lot of employees in the profession of doctor and teacher are fleeing from their deprived country to richer nations because of better salary and lifestyle. This situation have led to scarcity of skilled employees and impacting the economy, however these problem can be solved by providing attractive wages and doing collaborations with international bodies

    To begin with, the decline in the percentage of well trained employees is affecting the country from top to grass root level. Migration can be seen due to high salary packages and better job benefits, especially in Medical and Education sectors. It is directly affecting the literacy and medical infrastructure of country. In addition, this practice is impacting economy and worsening it. The contribution by these professionals in tax and revenue is decreasing drastically, moreover pushing the service sector a bit behind. For instance, my school friend after completing his medical practice went to Europe for job because of lucrative earning; however there has been scarcity of doctors in our country.

    Now talking about the solutions, giving a good salary to people of these fields can convince them to work at home country; furthermore, providing them with extra benefits and bonus can enhance their job lifestyle. Meanwhile, collaboration with foreign organization will definitely enrich the opportunities to work on the same projects and job profiles for which they are leaving the country. This will give them a job satisfaction; moreover they will also contribute to the nation. For example, our government have collaborated and loosen the policies which have forced a lot of big multinational companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple have to establish their offices in India.

    In conclusion, fleeing of doctors and teacher is impacting our economy and reducing their number, but collaboration with foreign institutions and improving their wage can help in stopping the migration of these professionals. In my opinion one should always contribute in building of the nation.

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