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  • Ankkush

    June 15, 2022 at 9:03 AM

    The bar graph illustrates the amount of expenses and the consumption rate of certain among the three main earning groups in the UK in 1990.

    It can be said that the high income and average income group have spent the most on hamburger. However, fish & chips were favored by low-income family.

    If we compare the bar graph, we can see the consumption of hamburger in high- & average-income family is 47% and 33% respectively. Even though in high income group the consumption of pizza is higher than average and low-income group with 19%,13% and 7% respectively.

    Meanwhile fish & chips are least preferred by the high group with 16% consumption rate whereas it is high among low-income group with 17% consumption rate. The consumption rate of fish and chips among average income group was 25%. The average consumption of hamburger is comparatively lower than the other two income groups with 19%.

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