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  • Sonam

    June 16, 2022 at 1:55 PM

    The above diagram depicts the Expenditure done by different income groups in UK on fast food items. The units will be measured in million pounds.

    Overall, it can be seen hamburger is preferred by masses in UK and people spent generously on it in contrast to other edible items (Fish& chips and pizza).

    As you will see from this graph, high yield group and average yield group contributed almost 45 million pounds and 33 million pounds towards the purchase of Hamburger. Despite occasional fluctuations an upward trend was also seen in pickup of pizza by High earning class in comparison to another category. Whereas a slight increase in the sales of Fish & chips was spotted among the Average income batch by 10 million pound in distinction to other earning category.

    Glaringly, a downturn was there in buying of pizza by 7 million pounds and 12 million pounds amid average earning category and low earning category in estimation with high earning category. On the other hand, same level of purchase of fish & chips was noticed between High pay group and low-pay group. @fal

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