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  • Poonam

    June 22, 2022 at 11:43 AM

    <font face=”Calibri, serif”><font size=”2″>Some People argue that government is accountable for safeguarding our society, while other say every human being on this earth should contribute towards it. While regulatory body does play a vital role in formulation of laws to maintain our surrounding, however, I believe unless every human creature takes initiative, the entire motive will go in vain.</font></font>

    <font face=”Calibri, serif”><font size=”2″>Regulatory authority is very much responsible to safeguard the society as they are the sole owner to create the laws that people have to follow. In fact, it makes sense for people to accept the campaings run by ruling parties such as “Swach Bharat udyan” to keep the society neat and tidy, heavy penalty for those spitting at public places, limiting the number of private vehical’s on road to avoid air pollution and take part in planting more trees to breathe fresh air and maintain the oxygen level.</font></font>

    <font face=”Calibri, serif”><font size=”2″>On the other hand, every single human being is accountable to make the laws laid of government a success. If individuals do not follow the rules, the entire eco-system will fail. Particularly when it comes to taking care of their and everyone’s health, each one has to contribute to keep their surrounding’s clean, show their interest in maintainging greenery everywhere, maintaining proper balance so not to increase air pollution lead by maximum usuage of vehicals.</font></font>

    <font face=”Calibri, serif”><font size=”2″>To summarize, although government is always on toes to protect the enviroment, however if the fellow citizen’s does not understand the importance and seriousness of issue to contirbute , the goal of preserving the environment will suffer.</font></font>

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