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  • Krithiga

    June 23, 2022 at 10:03 AM

    In this contemporary era, several individuals argue that country’s authorities have to take care of our environment while few people believe that it is everyone’s duty to safeguard our mother nature. In my opinion, I would agree with both the statements and will enlighten my opinion on both the parameters separately.

    Firstly, global warming is an important topic of discussion in recent years across the world. And, this has led to an increase in water content around the globe eventually having many cities on the verge of getting submerged under the ocean. Hence, the government should take preventive measures to avoid carbon emissions into the atmosphere. For instance, in the city of Delhi situated in India, people are allowed to commute on their own vehicle only during alternate days for work to avoid air pollution. In addition, the administrative authorities can impose hefty fines along with stringent rules for dumping waste and hazardous substances into the sea which might cause danger to marine animals. Therefore, the central government should discuss with their state officials and work on a sophisticated system in preserving our natural habitat.

    Secondly, individuals should take up some ownership in protecting their environment. For instance, certain people poach animals for their skin, hair etc in order to earn more money. In spite of setting up stringent laws by government officials, people still hunt endangered species for their own purposes. This can be prevented only by following it strictly as fellow citizens of the country. Furthermore, it affects our ecosystem which is dependent on each other. So, both the governing bodies and their nationals should work on a methodology which will safeguard their existing resources for their future generations.

    In conclusion, while every species has its own role to play in the ecosystem, we have to work on ways of conservation mechanisms. Therefore, both the government and the individuals should collaborate together in preserving the ecosphere filled with natural resources.

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