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  • sheena

    June 23, 2022 at 6:08 PM

    Nowadays, kids at the age of 3 to 6 are sent to school for legitimate reasons, but few people propose to begin schooling only after 7 years. I support commencing education as early as possible and this essay will discuss both aspects, justifying the argument to start education at an early age.

    Indeed, it is very easy for toddlers to learn new concepts and adapt to new environment compared to older children due to their faster brain development. They are curious, highly energetic and often it becomes difficult for parents to help and nurture them effectively. Schools teach discipline, nourish language abilities, enhance analytical and logical skills in a professional way compared to the tactics of inexperienced parents. For instance, learning disabilities like dyslexia or autism can be quickly identified by trained staffs and may be corrected if found in advance.

    On the other hand, children should not be forced to learn multiple things as each student is unique and takes his/her time to learn. Overburdening them with home works and exams is not a good idea which will unnecessarily induce stress and anxiety for students and family. Furthermore, younger ones would not have learnt to express themselves and convey the issues or problems they go through. Hence it is important that parents spend time with kids rather than relying on outsiders.

    In conclusion, though there are some cons in sending children to educational institutions early, it can bring positive impact on them if institutions are able to balance the emotional needs of each pupil. Hence, I encourage the idea to ensure systematic coaching in advance.

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