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  • Shibin Siby

    June 24, 2022 at 8:04 PM

    <div> The given process diagram describes the recycling process of plastics.


    The cycle can be divided into eight namely proper disposal, collection ,sorting, compression, crushing , fine grinding, conversion to raw material and finally conversion to useful products. The change of state for each of these categories will be discussed here.


    The first four stages of these processes are described here beginning with proper disposal of the plastics which could be collected from the designated area to a sorting center. Proper sorting is necessary for effective recycling which determines the quality of end product. Furthermore the sorted materials are then compressed, which will reduce storage space and helps in efficient transport.


    The last five stages are more technically advanced, the compressed blocks are crushed and washed. The clean material obtained is further processed by converting them into fine pellets. These pellets are then heat treated which transforms them into raw material. The final stage of the cycle is conversion of raw material into useful produce that can be distributed back into the market.


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