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  • sheena

    June 25, 2022 at 1:57 PM

    The given diagram illustrates the process of making materials from reusable plastics by recycling plastic bottles.

    Looking from an overall perspective, the entire process consists of stages such as bottles collection from bins, sort them if recyclable, compress and crush to produce pellets and convert pellets to create raw materials and various products.

    To start with, consumers dispose the used plastic bottles in recycling bins, which are in turn picked up by the garbage collector vehicles and transport them to recycling centers. At the recycling center, bottles are sorted by hand as per the quality and recyclable plastics are compressed into cube shaped boxes. These boxes are then crushed to form smaller plastic pieces.

    Consequently, these particles are washed and fed into a machine which produces plastic pellets. These pellets then heated to create raw materials. Finally, the raw materials will be used to manufacture end products such as bottles, tiffin boxes, bags, T-shirts and pencils.

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