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  • Tauseef

    June 26, 2022 at 9:59 AM

    It is often argued that the conservation of ecosystem is government’s authority while others disagree and think every Citizen must play a vital role in balancing the ecological phenomenon. Although we see positive steps are being adopted by common people globally, I believe that the policies of the governments will pave the way in handling the future environmental issues.

    It is Government’s responsibility to enforce laws and if needed should pass amendment act in the parliament to conserve ecosystem. Nowadays, varieties of research and development programs and different initiatives such as creating the biodiversity, controlling air-pollution by formulating electric vehicles and usage of solar energy are adopted at mass level. While on one hand more and more steps are being adopted by local administration to safeguard the forest, rules and regulations are getting created for corporates to tackle carbon-footprints and achieving net-zero emission. The seriousness can be seen in the global arena as well where leaders from different countries are debating and putting their views to conserve the nature. According to the World Forest Conservation report, the Telegana state of India has successfully planted over 10,000 trees in their Haritha Haram program and targeting to create natural habitat.

    Since India being a developing country, it is very important to address the issues such as finding sustainable source of energy, availability of drinking water and waste disposal. Indian Government is branding wind and solar energy as optional source of electricity for homely purpose, whereas scientists are working to transform the fossil fuel into organic coal, whose combustion capacity is much higher than the present form. Moreover, better infrastructure for agricultural universities and courses on the protection of endangered species are being taught at college level to spread the awareness of natural calamities among the students. Swach Bharat Abhiyan is one of the best initiatives taken by Government if not the best, as a result, the positive impact is writ large on the youth of the society.

    In conclusion, people’s action such as planting trees and adopting cleaning habits is appreciable, the strict guidelines of Government to address the environmental complication will open new window for clean and better future.

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