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  • isha

    June 27, 2022 at 3:40 PM

    The diagram above depicts the recycling process of plastic bottles where it passes through a series of process and finally ending into a final product.

    The entire process can be subdivided into five major areas, which include collection from local sources, sorting of usable plastics, cleaning the plastics to make it free from contaminants, processing into usable pre-forms for the end products, and finally into the end products, which are various household objects.

    The process starts with the collection of the discarded plastic bottles from local dustbins, which are collected using waste collection trucks and brought to the nearest material sorting facility. At the sorting facility, the usable plastic bottles are segregated from the unwanted plastics by hand by the workers, over the conveyor. Once sorted, the raw material is then compressed into bales which can be transported easily to the cleaning facility. To make the cleaning process more efficient, in the cleaning section, the bales are broken down into fine pieces using large shredders. Once shredded, the pieces are then cleaned thoroughly inside a large tank which is placed under the crusher.

    After cleaning, the raw material or the shredded plastic pieces are fed into a parallelization machine to form plastic pellets. The pellets are then heated at a high temperature where they melt and become the raw material for the end product. The raw material, then formed, is passed through various processes to manufacture desired products used in our daily life like T-shirts, bottles, storage containers, pens. etc.


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