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  • Swaraj

    June 28, 2022 at 9:24 PM

    One goes to university not only for getting a better job but also receives much more diverse knowledge and skills that benefits them and the society as a whole. This essay below will illustrate both the views, where one can see it as a place for getting good jobs for graduates and also as place for gaining variety of other benefits which as a matter of fact, I agree.

    Generally, universities are considered for getting a better job among graduates. At the end of the graduation, a graduate’s aim is to get placed in a well reputed company for which he/she has worked hard towards achieving it. It is believed that one cannot a better job or salary without graduating, which drives the sole intention of the students towards it.

    However, when looked from a different perspective, university education also provides a platform for students to explore their hidden talents, which may not be limited only to academics but also to various other areas. It is also evidenced that; companies get attracted to candidates with diverse skills and talents than one focusing exceptionally only on academics. . Job-Fairs,
    cultural events and programs organised within the universities also helps in building a strong social relationships and moral values which benefits the students later to become a part of a healthy society. Organising these types of co-circular activities also help them to generate more contacts which ultimately strengthen their social network, making their job-hunting process much easier.

    To summarise, I believe that passing out from university has much more advantages added to a student’s life, rather than having the perception of only getting a better job.

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