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  • vigneshwar

    June 29, 2022 at 11:47 AM

    Hello Ram,

    I am writing this letter to cordially invite you to come and visit my newly shifted house.

    Firstly, my previous house was very close to main road. I witnessed the sudden increase of vehicles movement in that road since it became the main route for many government offices and companies. So my family started suffering from a lot of air and noise pollution throughout the day. It affected the health of my children and elderly parents. Despite, it’s close proximity to all important places, I moved out of that house.

    During my house hunt, I found this new house through a broker. It appealed so nice to me when I visited this house that it met all my expectations in terms of basic amenities and the space it provides. It is a duplex house which has 4 rooms, so it accommodate my joint family. It has bigger backyard and this house is in community which has all basic amenities to spend our leisure time like sports ground, play courts and parks.

    Its been 2 weeks since I’ve moved here. Please visit my house whenever you are free. We can have great time here during weekends.

    Warm regards,


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