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  • vigneshwar

    July 1, 2022 at 8:39 AM

    Nowadays, It is the common practice among the parents to coax their children in pursuing higher education abroad for various reasons. This essay discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of moving to foreign countries to study in some of the renowned universities. Finally I will provide a logical solution to it.

    The main advantages of pursuing the higher education abroad are the global exposure and high quality education which students can get when compare to their homeland. Firstly, Since these are renowned universities, students from all over the world would join there. So it provides worldwide exposure to them, moreover learners can experience different culture & customs of the foreign nations. Secondly, they will get high quality of education due to the high standard curriculum curated by universities and it will be taught by the skilled professors. Therefore, It helps them to acquire knowledge and stay ahead in the race.

    In contrast to that, studying abroad has some drawbacks as well. The major cons are home sickness facing by students since they miss their families and friends and their involvement in illicit activities due to the less attention by parents. Pupils can feel loneliness if they are not able to adapt to new environment and they can potentially become distressed if they miss the presence of their family. Apart from that, Parents are not getting much visibility about the activities which their children are getting engaged on daily basis. It gives the liberty for the teenagers to do wrongdoings by getting addicted to drugs and other activities. As a result, this kind of misconduct can be avoided only if they stay close to parents.

    In my opinion, There are lot of benefits that parents can witness in persuading their kids to pursue higher education overseas because students can easily overcome the other negative factors like home sickness if they can socialize and make new friends quickly. Moreover, parents can nurture them with right moral values and virtues during their childhood, So that they will not be addicted to any wrong habits. In conclusion, Parents should act as impetus for kids to get international exposure by pursuing high standard education in renowned universities abroad.

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