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  • Mridula

    July 1, 2022 at 9:13 AM

    In modern world, guardians prefer to send their children to the developed nation to study. There are lots of pros like international exposure, better job opportunity along with cons brain-drain, financial burden to parents and many more associated with this norm which I will discuss further.

    The two main advantages of migrating adolescent to abroad for educational pursuits give them vital exposure to the culture of people from different background furthermore, they learn to cope with the difficulties themselves. Firstly, when teenagers travel to western countries alone then they get to face peculiar situation, however they act according to their experience and solve conflicts. Moreover it boosts their confidence to live in any circumstances which make them independent. Secondly, youngsters in academy get exposure to multicultural society which is beneficial for their future success. For example, students has to learn English for their studies which is an international language which helps them to work in multinational companies and get adapt to their environment better.

    But going for study to abroad have its drawbacks too. On one hand, it creates scarcity of skilled student which result talent crunch in their own mother land. The development of the nation depends upon the youngsters. In addition to this, it became trend for parents to send kids for their higher education to abroad which creates enormous society pressure on others. Parents have to pay a huge amount of money for study fees and the cost of living which end up financially burden to them. Even if their children win a scholarship, the cost is still unaffordable because of the disparity among countries.

    To conclude, sending children overseas for better education puts them ahead of those studying in the local area moreover, they can mature by getting far from the care of their guardians. However, the high cost and impact of cultural changes should be foregoing concerns.

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