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  • Nitish

    July 5, 2022 at 10:36 AM

    Along with increasing huge population, feeding to everyone is the greatest global challenge nowadays, many people believe that Genetically Modified could be a reasonable solution, and to a great extent, I agree to the statement because it is the only and readily available quick way to feed the masses.

    Firstly, Genetically Modified foods are the only available solution to tackle the situation quickly, because searching for a new type of meal which could be nutritious and healthy for human being could take a lot of time in research and finally to be accepted to the society. Moreover, our cultural values abide us with the type of food we consume on daily basis, so existing foods with some improvements are easy to adapt rather than to accept new one. To exemplify, US researcher found the plant-based meat to tackle the scarcity of meat bases food but that was not accepted by the people, and it could find very limited numbers of customer. Eventually, failed to be a mainstream food for masses.

    Secondly, Doctored foods are already being used in few countries to fight with the dependency to import food items from another countries. Because it’s not feasible to grow the original cops due to weather and climate challenges, but with few DNA changes these consumables could be compatible in with varied environment. Moreover, we can understand the health impact and acceptability of these meals form the experience of other nations, where are they already in use. For instance, in few African countries where water shortage was an issue to grow rice and feed the people but after government research institute researched and modified the Genie of the corp, it become possible to grow rice with less water, which help them to reduce hunger index of country by 5 points.

    To conclude, Genetic-altered grains production is the quick and viable solution to solve the feeding issue worldwide. As few countries already into it and successfully reducing the dependency on imported feed. Apart from that, finding for a new type of food and accepting it by the society is also a hard.

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