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  • tisha

    July 7, 2022 at 12:55 PM

    It is argued that educational institute should mandate certain social service programs for senior students such as training on physical fitness to juniors, providing helping hand to orphanages and collaborate with community service centers. I strongly believe to this argument as this will not only impart good qualities in these adolescents but also they can contribute to betterment of the society.

    Planning such socially helping sessions in the regular curriculum for higher schooling children will enhance their sense of responsibility towards the society at an early age. Furthermore, it will improve their moral habits. For example, my elder son’s school conducted a program where in they had to teach under privileged kids basic math because he was part of this program, I could see him more responsible otherwise also as he started tutoring my younger one at home as well.

    Although such activities has positive impact on the public, sometimes the kids get emotionally deprived visiting the poverty sites. In such cases to maintain their mental health , consultancy help can be provided. Nevertheless, education system should definitely implement such activities as it will make students understand the reality of their society and help them to understand what steps can be taken in order to refine their neighborhood. For example, as part of my school scout-guide program we were taken to a local beach to clean it. Post that efforts I personally did not allow any one litter any public place in my presence.

    In conclusion, such sessions are definitely required to be associated with the learning institutes as an initial step towards the betterment of our community.

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