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  • Falak

    July 11, 2022 at 7:52 AM

    As a consequence (,) this is not healthy for the

    population of the earth is increasing exponentially and due to deforestation less land is available for the crop. There are lots of people who cannot afford food due (this all should be one sentence)

    easy as food is getting sold in cheaper rate(s)/(they are able to get food for a lower prices) and many family(families) not sleeping without their meal.

    Government (has) already declared that we need 70% -(example could be more coherent , may be an idea is missing to connect and maintain the logical flow)

    here are demerits with genetically modified food which overweighs with the greatest problem in universe of feeding large number of masses with less rate (prices) and easy availability. (faulty structure, demerits are not overweighing as per the essay)

    Keep writing!!

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