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  • vineeth

    July 12, 2022 at 7:25 AM

    In Western countries, European countries, and people who are living in developed nations splash out with their friends in shopping malls and purchase unwanted goods which are not essential for their day-to-day life. This essay argues in a positive manner because whenever money route in the market then inflation does not take place.

    Nowadays in a family, both mother and father are working for their bright future. On weekends most of the families who are living in developed cities plan to spend their time in social areas like malls, restaurants, and theaters and make themselves happy . For instant, If we consider software employees they have to work against the clock on weekdays and are exhaust with their work pressures in those situations to relax people prefer shopping especially purchasing clothes or spending time in furniture shops and try to put their house decaratefully.

    On the other hand, in fast-growing countries, the government is getting most of the taxes from entertainment societies like shopping malls, band outlet stores, breweries, etc. If I consider my home town as an example, In the past 10 years the infrastructure has been developed and new malls are built and a drastic growth has happened and especially ample gated communities were built. People who are living in my city for wedding shopping or for other events no need to shop out of city. On top of that people are coming for jobs to my home town from all corners of the country.

    In Conclusion, I personally believe only this development happens because people are spending more money for their entertainment so different multi national brands are opeing their stores and providing jobs. Moreover governments collecting huge taxes and developing their countries.

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