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  • tisha

    July 13, 2022 at 5:48 PM

    In this modern era, people are attracted to delicacies from around the globe instead of regional food stuff which is supported by globalization. Major reason behind this phenomenon is food are not only easily available but also provide healthier options to the public. I believe this practice is beneficial as localities are exposed to global culture and also creates widened market for them.

    Globalization has provided technology advancements in transportation system one of which is cold storage transporting service that allows people to explore foreign cuisines in their own region. As a result, global food availability has gradually increased. For example, excellent quality of pears produced in Australia are easily consumed by residents of India. Furthermore, people are also tending to adopt healthier options of diet like Greek salad, American nuts, sugar free deserts from Dubai and so on. These all factors account to publics interest in non regional food.

    It certainly has a good impact on crowd in terms of exposure to variety of cultures across the world. For instance, ‘Indian Kheer’, which is famous desert always associated with one of the festivals of India, is also prepared by some foreigners on auspicious days. Another beneficial aspect is extended market, which provides learning on new techniques and increases number of job opportunities.

    In conclusion, this trend of people eating international food because of globalization brings good development to the society by gaining cross-cultural experience as well as raising the market opportunities.

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