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  • vigneshwar

    July 14, 2022 at 9:45 AM

    In this contemporary world, there is a steady rise in the curiosity of the people to explore food from different parts of the world amidst their local staple eatables. This trend can be attributed to major factors which drive it such as globalization and preference to other cuisines over mundane food. Therefore, I strongly believe that it gives major advantage for the countries to leverage this free trade policy and agreements to broaden the horizon of their culture and it also helps in adoption of healthier meals from different nations.

    The major causes for embracing the other nation’s food equally to our local food is proliferation of technologies and the increase in the people’s interest to explore other food. Firstly, Technological advancements indeed act as catalyst to propel the Modernisation in many countries and it is also backed by free trade policy agreements between countries. For instance, freezing technology helps to ship the foods easily at global level. Secondly, People are bored of having the same food repeatedly. Therefore, people’s curiosity in tasting the different cuisine cause these various foreign eatables to be available in abundance. To illustrate this, nowadays, one can find more exotic fruits and vegetables imported into markets for consumption

    Obviously, this increased trend towards the inclination of having different food varieties provide lot of benefits for our country’s economy in my opinion. Moreover, our nation’s food market territory can be extended further because it would certainly arouse the interest in individuals to know about our culture also. Most importantly, food waste can be averted due to this freezing technology because countries with surplus raw materials can ship it to nations which are short of it. Furthermore, people are getting awareness about the nutrients present in each food. If they find it healthier, these items are being incorporated by them in their diets to make it more balanced irrespective of where these foods come from.

    To conclude, broadening of horizon in food space are bound to have potential benefits with regards to availability of nutritious food to both poverties stricken and developed countries. In the wake of Technology advancements, benefits of these modernisation would be transcended beyond the limits than what value it yields currently.

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