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  • Terej

    August 6, 2022 at 12:41 AM

    ​The given diagram illustrates expanses in Million pounds done by different levels of income groups on three types of junk food items in the UK.

    Overview, Major expenditure is done on hamburgers by high-income earners followed by average earners, who spent more on hamburgers and Pizza. whereas, people with low income spent on fish and chips consumption more, as the least spenders on fast food items in total.

    To start with, people with the highest revenue spent 47 million pounds on hamburgers significantly, followed by fish and chips and Pizza respectively ( 19 million and around 17 million pounds independently). Similarly, the same trend was noticed in the medium-income earners spent 33 million pounds on hamburgers, next on Fish and Chips (25million pounds), and less spent on pizza at 13 million pounds.

    On the other hand, families with low income spent 17 million pounds high on Fish and chips and a relatively bit less on hamburgers at 14 million pounds, with the next least amount of 7 million pounds spent on pizza consumption.

    Mam, feedback is appreciated, please.

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