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  • Poonam

    August 11, 2022 at 1:48 PM

    Dear Swarupa,

    How are you doing? Though it has been quite a long time we have met, but what I admire the most is dispite our busy working schedule, we still manage to get time to have a quality conversation on phone. Hope you remember the other day I was talking to you about the business idea of starting clothing business. Well, you must be glad to know that I am looking forward to start the business in next two months. The purpose of writing this letter is to seek help from you to create attractive website for my business.

    To begin with, let me introduce my business idea to you. I have brainstomed with family members on the name of the website and after a long debate, we have decided a final name to be as “Dhaga”. To start with, Dhaga will have plethora of options in terms of not only the western outfit but also the traditional ones. In begining, the strategy is to attract maximum customers by offering a discount of 10%.

    Additionally, let me give you the rough thought I have of how the website should look like. Although, I know that you are creative at your best, but there are few things that is essential to include as per my opinion. Firstly, the home page can have the details of the variety of clothing along with special mention of discount. Secondly, multiple options can be incorporated that will differentiate the type of clothing offered i.e western outfit and traditional outfit with their price tags. Last but not the least, an option of “contact us” and the “address” of our store.

    Furthermore, we can also take the help of images of small children wearing different attire to make our website more appealing to customers. Let me know your thoughts as well, as I want you to make full use of your knowledge along with creativity and innovation.

    I strongly suggest if we can meet once at my place to discuss further on the website. In addition, you will also have an opportuinty to glance through my orders.

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.

    Warm Regards,

    Poonam Seth

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