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  • vigneshwar

    August 17, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    In the recent times, There is a great traction on designing the office space with open-space concept predominantly by many firms rather than the old fashioned cubicle design. In this essay, we will go over the advantage which open-space design provides as well as its disadvantages and I will finally take my stance on either one of them.

    First and Foremost, Open-space designs are being adopted by many companies as it offers various benefits to both employers and employees such as inclusiveness, parity and fraternity among employees and their leaders. Indeed, Sitting aside with leaders will boost the morale of the employees sheerly because it elicits positive impression in them that they are being treated fairly and equally irrespective of hierarchy. Obviously, cost factor is also involved as this design provides an option to accommodate more people in lesser space.

    On the other hand, cubicle design is slowly becoming obsolete as cost cutting concerns are bubbling up quickly when compare to others. Nevertheless, it provided great advantages which we find it lacking in open-space. For some of the sectors like financial services, open-space creates insecurity that the data cannot be kept confidential. So these kind of misconducts can be avoided if there is more privacy by implementing enclosed cubicles.

    In my opinion, open-space can be applicable for most of the companies as it has utter advantages as cost and inclusivity plays a major role but we cannot disregard the issues which it brings to some of sectors like finances. So space design should be adopted based on the primary needs and its plausibility rather than applying it blindly.

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