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  • vigneshwar

    August 21, 2022 at 9:28 AM

    In the recent times, senior citizens’ preferences to stay in old age homes increases over spending rest of their life with their children under same roof. Obviously, this change in the mindset has various reasons to it. But it brings forth lot of negative things to the society.

    Most importantly, the absence of elderly people in the home has lot of repercussions on their offspring’s’ life. Firstly, wisdom of old people is very valuable and it can be passed from one generation to another only if they stay together with their children. Secondly, some of the traits like Solidarity and bond between parents and child disintegrates as their distance increases.

    To begin with, Wisdom and abundant knowledge that elders carry is vital for their next generations to be aware of. Some of the things like custom and tradition, knowledge on food and medicine which elders posses cannot be dismissed and belittled. Moreover, they play a vital role in upbringing the grand children with the right knowledge required. In addition to that, parents and children’s eternal bond can last forever only if they stay together. Otherwise it might slowly deteriorate when they separate, after which both will long for the each others’ love eventually.

    To conclude, elderly’s engagement with their same age group people has lot of merits like it will keep them revitalized, nevertheless, it is not advisable to get separated from their children. If that happens by any chance, we as a society will be deemed failed since our future generations will be devoid of traits, custom and tradition what we carried on/uphold till now.

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