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  • shyam sunder

    August 23, 2022 at 1:09 AM

    Recent scenario in the country after the completion of the job period, people have to take retirement with the current job, Perhaps they should live with the group of the retired people rather than their family members, as I see it the after taking off from the job people are spending their rest of life with their same group members such as in the NGO or another centers.

    Although, in the modern days people are thinking to move to the retired institute for the shake of their happiness and make their life remarkable. Living along with the same type of the members in the society easy to adapt that environment and share their ideas together, which in turns to make them enthusiastic. Furthermore, they can be engaged to do the social works together in their team, which can facilitate to the form of the economy or human development by their past experience. For example, I have seen the one NGO in my city which is named as a retired people colony, they have developed new technology for the crop cultivation with the help of the different field of the people in their NGO which is one of the examples of the positive development with living in the same age group members, in addition to that living with the group of people can do the yoga, walking and enjoy the talking to reduce the stress level and in result to be benefitted for the health.

    However, the same people staying with their family members they might be create trouble to them for the not matching of their ideas to take any family decision, or their family members are not staying with the place where they want to live the comfortable life due their children job or business, so doing the business also not possible to give them enough time to their parents, in result anonymously will create the tension with the family members. Even though some of the benefits also there with the living with their children such as timely care, medication, financially support etc. Hence, I strongly recommend to stay in the reinterment community after taking the take-off from the job which will help to make your joyful, happy and healthy.

    To conclude that the both the ideas are fitted in the case of staying with family and with the retired homes, Finally I would suggest to spend the rest of the life with the same type of people to make your life relaxed or stress free. In some case whenever required to visit with your family members.

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