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  • Nitish

    August 29, 2022 at 11:13 AM

    In modern era, Crime has become a severe issue throughout the society. People argue that to restrict the brutality and serious crime, death penalty should be must to enhance the sense of security in citizens. To a great extent I agree with the statement, this essay will elaborate the importance of capital punishment to balance the social harmony.

    To begin with, if there is no strict punishment for furious criminals, people often loss their trust in judicial system which may create the chaos in country. To exemplify, US was facing the high crime rate in 80’s due to their anti-death penalty law and there were lots of gang war and looting through out the country. Then government realize to revoke this law and sentence capital punishment to five gangster of that time who was having murder, looting and rape charges, and suddenly the crime rate drop down by fifty percent and violent crimes came down by eighty percent, subsequently the faith of citizens restored in government and judicial system. Hence, it helped to maintain law and order situation in community.

    Secondly, if there is no rigid forfeit for severe criminal activities like murder, rape, and looting. It could boost the confidence of criminals and they will keep attempting the unlawful activities, but if they know that could be hang to death for their offences, it will definitely terrify to the offender before committing a crime and may stop him/her to do so. For instance, once a robber went for looting a bank in Italy but was caught red handed by a security personnel, the Guard warned him that he may get death penalty for the act, and we will free if surrender. He handed over himself to the security and the robbery avoided. So, the fear of death to the criminal saves him and the bank both.

    To conclude, to control the brutal crimes from community capital punishment should be applied, which will develop the sense of security in honest citizens and at the same time it will terrify to the blatant offenders.

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